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Building-Based Activities

Services for Adults with Learning Disabilities

We have a number of thriving workshops, activities and programs for adults with learning disabilities​ on offer each day including the following:



We have a very strong and competent gardening group who are now kept busy every day. We have a regular full diary with a waiting list. Currently we have 7 gardens from 3 different Residential Homes all on a regular contract. In addition to these, we have 4 independent gardens to maintain including our own.  


Art and Craft


We make a wide range of items throughout the year, from Christmas Reindeer to Birdboxes. Our craft group also make vases from wine bottles and other receptacles. Once finished these are sold to the public.



Each day lunches are prepared and cooked by participants working in the kitchen. We are required to ensure that all our food is of a certain standard and fulfills the regulated healthy eating plate on which has to contain the required measurement of meat, vegetables, carbohydrates and minerals. All our food is fresh and sourced from local shops. As a result of the recent scare regarding the illegal use of unidentified meat products we now use a local butcher where the meat is freshly prepared each day.


Furniture Making and Woodwork


Our wooden chairs are still popular and orders continue to come in. The woodwork project also makes repairs and renovates several other items including items for our carnival and garden furniture.


Programs for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Our range of social and educational activities is increasing weekly. We have a very full week which includes the following:


  • Swimming. We now have a regular weekly swimming session at the local baths. This is both fun and healthy, encouraging people to take in gentle exercising whilst in the water.
  • Bowling.  A new venture, which appears to be a popular one. Participants take part in weekly sessions.
  • Crown Green Bowls. We have been given use of the indoor rink at Erdington Court Bowls Club one day a week. Although currently this is just recreational, training is being given and we hope to have a competetive team soon.
  • Snooker. Participants now travel independently to a local snooker hall to take part alongside the general public.
  • Shopping. Each week participants do a big shop for all the basic items. This is a very popular activity and has massive social values. Participants are encouraged to search for items and to bring them to whichever staff member is working with them. They learn how to behave in public and the value of money. 
  • Library. We have created a new library, using the room upstairs and participants have been encouraged to join the local library. They take part in weekly visits to the library and are learning to take books out and to return them on time. This has proved to be a brilliant activity and is a really popular one.


For our range of building-based activities, go here.

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We have now reached our capacity for numbers of people we can safely accommodate in our building.
As such, we cannot accept new participants until after the Christmas break, when we reopen in January 2023.
Apologies for any inconvenience.


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